1. Diagnosis of refractive errors:
We carry out many detailed diagnoses of refractive errors in order to set up suitable treatment regimens for patients with serious refractive issues that might lead to retinal degeneration. Our goal is to help our patients to improve their eyesight with almost no side effects after the treatment ends.

2. Diagnostic Equipment:
Diagnostic imaging/X-ray department: advanced technology used for retinal imaging and analysis such as Optical coherence tomography (OCT), Digital Ophthalmoscope, X-ray…
Laser systems: Laser 532, Laser YAG, Iris Scan, Scanning laser ophthalmoscopy…

3. Vision correction surgery: Treating refractive errors with Lasik Excimer, Femto-Lasik, ReLEx SMILE

4. Complete service packages at the Department of Refractive Errors:
We offer consults and diagnoses of ophthalmological issues. We also have procedures for various refractive issues with details so our patients can take care of their eyes safely after the treatment ends.
The package also covers post-surgery procedures as well as meeting with ophthalmologists.
We are capable of moving our patients to international health care centers per request.
We offer several packages for the purpose of controlling and improving the refractive issues such as Refractive Error package, Lasik package…

5. Promotions: The annual promotion program named Lasik-Smile’s day DND is designed to support refractive surgery fees.

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