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  • Intensive Exam Before Refractive Surgery:

    Intensive examination before refractive surgery (nearsightedness) & presbyopia play an important role to determine the refractive accuracy, thickness, corneal quality, eye parameters of the patient. From there, help doctors easily choose the most appropriate, safest surgery method for patients.

    DND International Eye Hospital is equipped with the world’s most modern imaging equipment and support systems such as:

    The comprehensive survey and evaluation system for corneal quality of Oculus Pentacam – Corvis ST is unique in the North.
    Automatic refractometer machine; Survey machine corneal map; Full-label refractometer; Corneal thickness gauge …
    WaveFront system links corneal map and refractive analysis software and corneal intensive FinalFIT …
    Image diagnostic system:
    – Colored eye fundus; Supersonic; Measure the contrast; Market…
    – A partial CT scan of the OCT Visante helps to analyze the cornea layers for prognosis and effective treatment.
    – Post-sectional OCT Sirus HD scan evaluates the degeneration of retinal lesions in patients with high myopia and underlying ocular pathology
    Support lasers: Multipoint lasers, 532-specific lasers on the retina treat high-risk retinal detachments.
    With a team of experts, ophthalmologists over 30 years of experience,

    Examination Procedure

    – At DND International Eye Hospital always follow international standards with 08 steps:

    1. Declaring medical records, taking blood for testing.
    2. Dry eye test.
    3. Survey and comprehensive assessment of corneal quality.
    4. Refractometry before regulating paraplegia.
    5. Measuring intraocular pressure, applying regulating paralysis medication, ultrasound, color eye fundus. Do other tests (if directed by your doctor).
    6. Refractive measurement after applying paraphernalia
    7. Doctors examine, advise appropriate surgical methods. Explain and predict eye condition after surgery
    8. Schedule surgery

    With the above steps, DND International Eye Hospital is proud to be the leading refractive center with the most comprehensive, rigorous and accurate pre-surgery intensive examination in Vietnam.

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