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    ReLEx SMILE (small incision lenticule extraction) is a keyhole procedure which eliminates the need for a corneal flap (as in standard LASIK Laser Eye Surgery). It also eliminates the prolonged healing time associated LASEK / PRK.

    This minimally-invasive procedure provides more accurate and safer laser eye treatments and allows us to treat higher prescriptions and those with dry eyes. ReLEx SMILE can be performed in considerably less time than standard LASIK Laser Eye Surgery, and can significantly reduce post-operative discomfort & dry eye (in some cases eliminating them completely).

    ReLEx SMILE is most often suitable for patients who are short-sighted – particularly those who are contact lens intolerant or have thin corneas and who may have been found unsuitable for standard Laser Eye Surgery.

    Why choose ReLEx SMILE:

    • Minimally-invasive “keyhole” approach
    • More accurate treatment
    • Quicker treatment with less after-effects
    • Faster recovery times
    • Can treat a wider range of patients, including those with very high prescriptions
    • Can treat those with dry eyes, thin corneas, contact lens intolerance
    • An option for those found unsuitable for standard Laser Eye Surgery



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