Excimer Laser MEL90

The 6th generation of excimer laser that intelligently combines proven experience and exciting advancement.

The use of excimer laser technology in refractive surgery starts in 1986 – with ZEISS. The MEL® 90 carries that legacy forward. Successfully combining years of expertise and innovative performance features, it offers users a highly rewarding handling experience.

Specially designed for the needs of the modern refractive surgeon, the MEL 90 incorporates proven safety as well as individually configurable options. Unique product qualities like the FLEXIQUENCE switch function (250 Hz / 500 Hz), the ablation profile Triple-A and the outstanding intra-operative ablation speed of up to 1.3 seconds per diopter create entirely new treatment prospects.


FLEXIQUENCE – Applied flexibility
A true novelty – the FLEXIQUENCE switch function lets you flexibly choose between 250 Hz and 500 Hz frequency. It allows you to combine your previous clinical experience with excimer technology as well as the innovative advantages of the MEL 90. In fact, you can have twice the speed in a fraction of a second with a simple touch of the finger – enabling you to leverage both proven reliability and new treatment opportunities.

Triple-A – Predictable and gentlea
The MEL 90 also features the Triple-A Advanced Ablation Algorithm. As a
single ablation profile for a wide range of sphero-cylindrical (SCA) corrections, it simplifies treatment planning. Triple-A offers a high degree of precision and predictability. In addition to intelligent energy correction, it comprises an aspherically optimized design that also focuses on minimal tissue removal. This results in gentle treatments of standard, but also eyes with higher and lower level of ametropia. All combined into one single ablation algorithm: Triple-A.

MEL 90 – your preferences, your workflow, your expectations – precisely. The excimer laser that intelligently combines proven experience and exciting advancement.