DND International Eye Hospital: The leading comprehensive and accurate pre-surgery examination in Vietnam

Pre-specialized examination refractive error surgery ( nearsightedness, astigmatism) & Presbyopia plays an important role to accurately determine the refraction, corneal thickness, and eye parameters of the patient. From there, helping doctors easily choose the most suitable and safest surgical method for the patient.

Steps of intensive examination before refractive surgery

With a team of doctors and surgeons with more than 10 years of experience in treating refractive errors and the world’s most modern support and diagnostic equipment system such as Pentacam, OCULUS – Corvis ST … the intensive examination process at DND International Eye Hospital always ensures the most accurate according to international standards with 08 steps:

  1. Blood for testing
  2. Oatogram (OPD) – 1st time
  3. Measurement of refraction before administration of accommodation paralysis
  4. Measure corneal thickness, evaluate corneal quality, measure intraocular pressure, administer palliative drugs, ultrasound, color fundus, do other tests if prescribed by a doctor
  5. Optical Corneal Map (OPD) – 2nd session
  6. Refraction measurement after administration of accommodation paralysis
  7. The doctor examines and advises on suitable surgical methods. Explanation and prognosis of eye condition after surgery
  8. Make an appointment for surgery

– In the above steps, checking the thickness, thinness and quality of the cornea is an extremely important step, helping doctors easily choose the right surgical method for the patient, minimizing the risk. symptoms. Ophthalmology technology is increasingly developed, now, during the intensive examination for TKX surgery, the patient is not only measured corneal thickness, but also checked whether his cornea is strong or weak. From there, the doctor will give the correct treatment indications.

✅ International Eye Hospital is the only unit equipped with a combined corneal mapping survey machine corneal biometric measurement Oculus Pentacam – Corvis helps doctors determine accurate indicators of strength, stiffness and convexity of the cornea. From there, it is easy to assess the corneal condition of each patient both before and after surgery.

For patients with weak corneas, when refractive surgery, it is necessary to combine techniques to stabilize the cornea such as crosslinking or patients can choose surgical technology suitable for weak cornea to achieve the best, safest results and minimize postoperative complications.

✅Always perform fully and strictly 08 steps of in-depth examination, combined with the survey and assessment of corneal condition by Pentacam machine, DND International Eye Hospital is proud to be a Refractive Center with a large scale. The leading comprehensive and accurate pre-operative examination in Vietnam that not all refractive centers can do.

✅Visit DND International Eye Hospital right away for a full 08-step intensive examination with a strict and accurate examination process!


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