Retinal detachment surgery
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  • What is retinal detachment surgery?

    Retinal detachment surgery is surgery to restore vision when your retina is damaged.

    The retina is the innermost membrane at the back of the eye that converts light entering the eye into images, and then sends them to the brain. Sometimes retinal detachment can affect your vision, specifically blurred vision or seeing dark shadows in your field of vision.

    Most causes of retinal detachment are caused by the vitreous (the vitreous that fills the center of your eye) shrinking, causing your retina to detach. Retinal detachment can also be caused by an eye injury or previous eye surgery.

    What to prepare before retinal detachment surgery?

    Patients must inform the doctor about any recent medications they are taking or have taken, allergies and previous medical conditions you have before the surgery, you will see the anesthesiologist and plan your surgery. anesthesia plan together. It is important to follow instructions about when to stop eating and drinking before surgery.

    Patients will be given clear instructions before surgery, such as whether you can eat anything before surgery. Usually, you should start fasting about six hours before surgery. You can drink fluids, such as coffee, until a few hours before surgery.

    How is retinal detachment surgery performed?

    The doctor may use different anesthetic techniques. This surgery usually takes 90 minutes to two hours.

    Surgeons can repair any tear or hole in your retina using laser photocoagulation or freezing.

    During retinal detachment surgery, your doctor may remove the vitreous from your eye and replace it with a balloon or silicone.


    What to do after retinal detachment surgery?

    • Patient will be able to go home the next day.
    • Do not swim or lift heavy objects until approved by your surgeon.
    • Regular exercise will improve your long-term health. Before you start exercising, consult your healthcare provider or doctor.
    • Your surgeon will let you know if new eyeglasses will improve your vision and will schedule an eye exam about a month after surgery.
    • It may take some time for your vision to start to improve.


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