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  • I. What is YAG laser

    YAG laser invented in 1964, is a solid laser using crystalline active ingredient Neodym Ytrium Aluminum Garnet, however, the initial stage of therapeutic application is still limited.

    In 1983, Anderson and Parish’s principle of selective photothermal decomposition was invented, followed by the Q – switched laser system (Short pulse – high energy). This opens up a new direction for the successful treatment of pigmented lesions without leaving the sequelae of previous lasers created.

    YAG Yttrium-aluminum_garnet

    Laser energy acts on the pathological pigmented area, the pathological pigments that absorb the light energy of a fixed wavelength will expand and break down. The pigments in the epidermis are broken into small pieces pushed to the surface, the pigments located deep in the skin are differentiated into tiny pigment particles, which are phagocytosed in the body, digested and excreted by the excretory system. secretions of the body. Pigments fade until the eyes are completely gone.

    II. Some indications

    1. Lentigo:

    Levels of lentigo are small, round, oval, black or brown macules. The site of the lesion can be anywhere on the body.

    *Lentigo from sunlight: Lesions usually appear on sun-exposed areas such as the face or hands and increase with age.

    *Lentigo simplex: common in children, the color of the lesion is uniform from brown to black. The histopathological image shows that this is a pigmented lesion of the epidermis.

    *QS Yag laser lentigo treatment

    • The selected wavelength is 532 nm, energy 0.9 – 1.3 J/cm2.
    • Dot size 2 – 4 mm.
    • The course of treatment is 1-3 times depending on the extent of the damage.
    • The interval between 2 treatments is 3 – 5 weeks.

    The results of treatment are usually completely healed.

    2. Freckles:

    Are brown or yellow spots and dots, small in size, located on the face or on the body. The disease increases in the summer, increasing with age. On histopathological images, the dermal papillae were normal, the basal layer was hyperpigmented, the amount of pigment was normal but the pigment cells and melanosomes were larger than normal.

     YAG freckle laser DND


    • The selected wavelength is 532 nm,
    • Dot size 2-3 mm
    • A course of 1-3 times with an interval of 3 to 4 weeks between 2 treatments.
    • Shortly after laser firing with 532 nm wavelength, lesions turn white, mildly blistered, then flecked with blood and scabs. Scales usually fall off after 4-5 days of treatment.

    The treatment results are very high, and the lesions can be completely cured for a long time, but most freckles have a recurrence after treatment.


    3. Less coffee with milk:

    Are brown patches clearly demarcated with healthy skin, the location can be found in any area of the skin, and the lesion size varies.

    YAG laser fix

    Treatment protocol:

    • Treatment 2-4 times
    • The interval between 2 treatments is 4-6 weeks,
    • Wavelength 532 nm, dot size 2-4 mm.

    4. Remove Ota:

    These are green or brown inlays, increasing in intensity the colors include: brown, purplish brown, blue heart and dark blue.

    Location of facial lesions, commensurate with the distribution of branches 1 and 2 of nerve V. In addition to skin lesions, many patients have combined mucosal lesions.

    Loss of Ota responds well to treatment with QS Yag

    • Selected wavelength 1064 nm
    • Energy level 8J/cm2
    • Dot size 2 – 4 mm
    • Usually 6 – 10 treatments are needed.

    5. Remove Hori:

    Clinical manifestations: are brown or black macules at the forehead, 2 sides of the temples, 2 cheeks, 2 eyelids or next to the nose, without itching or redness of the skin.</p >

    • Selected wavelength 1064 nm,
    • Energy level 5 – 6 J/cm2
    • Size 3 -4 mm.
    • A course of treatment 4-5 times
    • The interval between 2 treatments is 6-8 weeks.

    The result is also usually achieved > 60% damage.

    6. Tattoo removal:

    QS Yag laser works well for black or blue-black tattoos when treating 1064 nm wavelength.

    Red, orange and purple tattoo with 532 nm wavelength.

    Yellow and white tattoo not responding to treatment

    7. Melasma:

    Basic lesion is brown, sometimes black, macules of any size, symmetrically arranged on both cheeks, forehead, temples, and chin.

    The lesion is concentrated in clusters, clear but irregular edges, no redness, no scabs, no atrophy, no itching.

    Melasma is one of the pigment disorders, erratic response to treatment, poor results and frequent recurrence.

    YAG laser cure melasma DND

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