Surgery department

– Being the first center in the North that has performed Femto-Lasik and Relex SMILE surgery for more than 10 years.

– A team of experienced surgeons, with more than 10 thousand refractive errors, thousands of cataract surgeries.

– To treat nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia with the most advanced surgical methods today such as SMILE pro, ReLEx SMILE, CLEAR, Femto-Lasik, SmartSurfACE, Lasik, Phakic, etc.

DND International Eye is invested and equipped with modern refractive surgery systems: VISUMAX 800, VISUMAX 500 (Germany), Mel90 (Germany), Ziemer LDV Z8 (Switzerland), Schwind Amaris 1050RS… – regularly used annual software updates.

Bác sĩ Quỳnh DND mổ SMILE pro

Bác sĩ Quỳnh DND mổ SMILE pro



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