June 2017 - Bệnh Viện Mắt Quốc Tế DND - 128 Bùi Thị Xuân HN
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  • SMILE Laser Eye Surgery Procedure Performed on U.S. Service Members


    SMILE has shown excellent reproducibility and predictability in the U.S. FDA clinical study, even with severe corrections. SMILE can help improve the readiness for our active duty members as it can eliminate reliance on vision correction methods such as eyeglasses or contacts.

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    Lasik’s Day DND 2017 – up to 49% benefits for refractive surgeries


    From 1st June, 2017, Lasik’s Day DND 2017 has started. This program will be applied for all the patients who come to International Eye Hospital DND at No.128 Bui Thi Xuan for refractive surgery. Depending on the draws of each day, the benefits each patient can get might be up to 49% discount of the […]

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